I'm Joey. I've got a passion for the web and developing services and applications with performance in mind. I've spent nearly a decade working on technologies across the stack, from Java, IBM, .NET, and most of the major web frontend frameworks you'll see folks arguing about over on r/webdev .

By day, I'm a Senior Software Engineer working on mostly .NET technologies in the web space. I've worked professionally as a developer in healthcare, insurance, SaaS startups, manufacturing, and now finance. I enjoy building fast and efficient web services, exploring new technologies, and arguing with other developers about the value of pre-commit hooks when used wisely.

In my spare time, I like to do things with TypeScript, PHP (pause for audible gasps) and Rust (I'm even writing some cool stuff about Rust!), contributing to projects I find interesting and exploring new frontiers. I like to write about things I come across in the wild (of software), design, frameworks, and language features among other things. If I find the time, you can catch any of my content on YouTube or streaming live on Twitch. Checkout my blog for things I publish that mostly deal with my questionable takes on development.

Outside of refactoring legacy code and convincing managers that estimates are not deadlines, I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog, family and friends, and sampling the latest installment of adult beverages at my local breweries.