Joey McKenzie software engineer

Joey McKenzie

Developer. Content creator. Dad joke connoisseur.

Breaking production environments professionally since 2016, creating content for other developers and engineers, and building things for the web that go really, really fast.



Current job title
Software Engineer at National Funding, a fintech company located in San Diego specializing in .NET development
.NET, TypeScript, Go, Rust, container orchestratrion, working with Postgres databases, anything that has to do with modern web development
Could do without
Go web frameworks, throwing exceptions, implicit typing with any, working with Oracle databases, anything that has to do with Java
Favorite beers
Hexagenia by Fall River Brewery, Apocalypse IPA by 10 Barrel Brewing Co., anything that's cold on a hot summer day
Unpopular opinion
WSL2 is the best development environment (I'm a Debian guy myself)
Words of wisdom
Write code your fellow developers love to read
I like building things. I write software for a living as a professional Software Developer, amateur scrum master, part-time DBA, impromptu DevOps Engineer, a sifter of Kibana logs, and connoisseur of cheap beer among other things. I like to write about things in code that mostly have to do with and microservice development, while also adventuring into a wide variety of technology stacks to blog about. I work at a fintech company currently as a .NET developer, but I dabble in just about everything the modern web and application frameworks have to offer.
When I'm not sitting in front of an IDE or breaking production environments, you'll find me spending time with my wife and dog, hanging out with friends and family, or probably sitting at the bar of one of my town's local breweries.